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We are pleased to announce that following a very successful Horning Boat Show on the 30th April this year, we are now in a position to invite ‘Bids’ from Horning organisations for an award from the HBS Community Fund.

The relevant Application Forms and Guide Lines are available to collect from the Horning Post Office, or on-line at info@horningboatshow.com.

The Application Forms should be completed by 31st August 2022 and sent to info@horningboatshow.com or dropped into the Horning Post Office by that date.

The Application Form should be completed in conjunction with the guidelines set, any clarification required on this then please call Roger Tomkins on 01692-630892 who will help you.

When the Application Forms are in, our Community Fund Committee will meet to discuss the merits of each application, and an announcement of the awards to the successful applicants will be made no later than the end of September 2022.

Roger Tomkins
HBS Community Fund

Past Horning Boat Show Community Fund Awards

Horning Boat Show Community Fund 2018

  1. £2000.00 new Radios for their safety boats. ( Horning Sailing Club )
  2. £595.95 New Score Boards. ( Horning Bowls Club )
  3. £3748.80 New Central Heating Boiler. ( Horning Village Hall )
  4. £1000.00 Music Day Studies. ( Dr Peter Boshier )
  5. £583.20 Two Bench Seats for the Jubilee Walk. ( Horning Parish Council )
  6. £1000.00 Donation to Autism Anglia. ( Horning Boat Show )
  7. £630.00 Transport cost for children (various activities).. ( Horning Community Primary School )
  8. £100.00 for coach travel from Horning School to St Benets Abbey for the children to see the storey of St Benets Abbey play this year

Horning Boat Show Community Fund 2017

  1. £150.00 Projector. ( Horning Wives Group)
  2. £500.00 Coach Hire for Day Trips. ( Horning Get Together Club)
  3. £488.00 B/A License fee to extend service. ( Horning Foot Ferry )
  4. £1500.00 To extend hearing loop. ( Horning Church )
  5. £340.00 Equipment for young members. ( Horning Bowls Club )
  6. £5000.00 Fencing around children's play area on the village playing field. ( Horning Parish Council )
  7. £1404.00 Upgrade to Jubilee Walk, Horning. ( Horning Parish Council )

Horning Boat Show Community Fund 2016

  1. £1099.00 New Lawn Scarifier. ( Horning Bowls Club)
  2. £2700.00 Projector for the new Horning Cinema. ( Horning Village Hall )
  3. £1794.00 New Heaters for St Benet's Hall. ( Friends of St Benet's Hall )
  4. £600.00 Childrens Transport to Village Hall Cafe. ( Horning Village School )
  5. £1000.00 Donation to Autism Anglia. ( Horning Boat Show )

Horning Boat Show Community Fund 2015

  1. £ 969.00 for replacement of Memorial Sign at entrance to Village. ( Horning Volunteer Gardeners )
  2. £ 600.00 for Transporting school children to Village Hall Cafe. ( Horning Primary School )
  3. £ 160.00 for Christmas Tree lights on Village Green. ( Michael Cudby for St Benet’s Green Christmas Tree )
  4. £ 1760.00 for Defibrillator and Cabinets to be sited by the New Inn. ( Horning Parish Council )
  5. £ 460.00 Horning Bowls Club for Training young players. ( Horning Bowls Club )
  6. £ 650.00 for Flag Pole and Flags on St Benet’s Green. ( Horning Parish Council )
  7. £ 100.00 for Pot and Planting at St Benet’s Hall. ( Friends of St Benet’s Abbey )
  8. £ 3414.00 for new entrance doors to Village Hall. ( Horning Village Hall )
  9. £ 1000.00 Donation to Autism Anglia. ( From Horning Boat Show )
  10. £ 2000.00 Sponsoring of two Training Sailing Boats for HSC. ( From Horning Boat Show )
  11. £ 750.00 for Four Picnic Benches to be sited on Recreation Ground. Subject to Parish Council Approval ( From Horning Boat Show )

An additional £ 1500.00 is to be made available for an additional Defibrillator and Cabinet to be sited near Ferry Marina / Ferry Inn giving the village good coverage should they be needed.

Horning Boat Show Community Fund 2014

Applications were invited for projects which address a community issue and are of benefit to the people of Horning. As last year, grants between £100 and the maximum £10,000 will be awarded. All Horning based, not for profit community groups, voluntary groups, individuals, community charities or recognised local good causes are eligible to apply. Funding is available for facilities and activities that are important to the local community and enhance village life. Particular importance will be given to those bids which support the ethos of volunteering and community involvement.

It is hoped that the 2015 Horning Boat Show will again contribute to the Community Fund.

Following the invitation for bids to fund Horning Village good causes, the Community Fund Committee has made the following awards.

  1. Horning Parish Council - £2870 for the provision of equipment to complete the play area adjacent to Horning Village Hall.
  2. Horning Bowls Club - £474 for the provision of 3 sets of Junior bowls, 3 target mats and trophies to encourage young people to take up bowls.
  3. Horning Sailing Club - £2000 to provide an additional rescue craft.
  4. Horning Village Hall - £2395 for the fitting of an insulated suspended ceiling.
  5. Hoveton & Wroxham first responders - £930 for the provision of a defibrillator, a set of paediatric pads and blood pressure monitors. These cover the Horning area.
  6. Volunteers of St Benets Hall - £1400 to provide safe access to loft storage facility and to replace rotting wood and to improve the entrance to the Hall.
  7. Horning 1st School - £480 to continue to provide a monthly café in the Horning Village Hall.